[Music]2010. 3. 19. 10:39

Farewell To Love - SINAWE

Show me no more tears my love
Take me back to the time befor(you)
Came in to my life oh babe
P;ay no more games my child
That me back oh take me back
Just like endless railroad
Like the day and the night
We naver be together forevers so go away

(I say)Farewell to my love
Take away your arrow
You're not the one
Go away let me be i'm ready to fall

Naver look back don't regret
I did truely loved you, babe
We did the best but never meant to be
It falt so good from the start
Thought i was up in the sky
But i had too many scars and pain
Just like black and the sun
Like the moon and the sun
We never be together forerver so, fly away

(I say)Farewell to my love
Take away your arrow
you're not the one
Go away let me be i'm ready to fall

mp3나 음악을 올리고 싶지만 저작권때문에 올리지 못한다.
youtube에서 검색해보면 나옴...
서태지꺼 말고 오리지널 시나위꺼 들어야 더 좋타....

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